Best Laminating machine in Bangladesh

Best Laminating machine in Bangladesh

Laminating process is a kind of surface processing technology after printing, and it is also called post-printing over-plastic, post-printing depositing glue or post-printing lamination, which means using a laminating machine to cover the surface of the printed product with a layer of 0.012~0.020mm. According to the process used, it can be divided into two types, namely coating film and pre-coating film. According to the different film materials, it is divided into bright film and matt thick transparent plastic film to form a paper-plastic integrated product processing technology. Two kinds of membranes. The main problems that affect the laminating process: affecting the health of the operators, there is a fire hazard; the paper and film materials after the laminating are difficult to recycle, and resources are wasted.

Best Low Budget Laminating machine In Bangladesh

1.PD 330 1 laminator

2.Blue Sky BS A3-330A Laminating Machine

3.Blue Sky BS A3-330C Laminating Machine

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Laminating machine 

4.A3-330C Laminating Machine

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